Oray Studios

We are an Art, Design & Technology guild founded in 2008 by Venomfang (Iqbal Aribaskara) & Kobra (Gifny Richata). Our mission is to bring the best of Indonesian artists' works to the world, enjoying ourselves while doing that, and hope that what we do could make this world a slightly better place :)

We offer our service as an outsource studio, providing artworks and designs on any media you can think of: Video games, comicbook, apps, fashion, animations, etc. Our clients ranged from big companies and professionals, to indie and do-it-yourself creators, from all over the globe.

Other than creating art & design for your products & projects, we also build and grow our own Intellectual Properties, and do collaboration & profit-share projects with other developers and creators. These are some of our IPs that you can check out and enjoy:

If what you are looking for are software or hardware development help, please visit our sister company Plexus TechDev (www.plexus.id).

So, contact us now and let us know more about your projects, and hopefully we can help to make your dreams come true!