We had the opportunity to join the ASEAN trade mission to exhibit our works at Tokyo Game Show 2014, one of the biggest exhibition in the gaming industry. This is the show reel we showed at our booth.

A Pixel Art animated music video for a Hip Hop artist.

This animation is made for a gas mining company, Transgasindo, to be used as educational video for people who lives near the mining site.

Adventures of Boba is an out-of-the-box indie film made by Tophy Cho. We had the chance to work with him by making all of the 'Video Game' scenes animation in 8-bit/Pixel Art style. This film is featured in many movie festivals.

Anita Drink is a video game about bartending. This game is written and designed by Roger E. Pedersen, writer of 'Game Design Foundations' book. We made all the graphics assets and the animations for this project.

Hard Luck Hank is a book series by Steven Campbell. He trusted us to make some sketchy animations to help readers visualizes his awesome stories.

This animation was a pitch to NADA (National Automotive Dealership Association) university. The client want to create an eye catching introduction video about the know how in automotive dealership using a poem. The poem was later visualized with an equally interesting representation: the soup can. The final result is an information animation that is fresh, interesting and captivating.

We create this animation to be displayed at a Guinness Arthur's Day event to help them educate the public about the processes involved in creating the beverage. The animation is purposefully simplified to make it easier for people to understand.

A 2D event animation for a Real Estate Company.

A game we also developed with Inmotion Labs for Kraft's Kejumooo campaign. User can register to kejumooo.com, play the game and get badges.

An animated trailer for a video game.

We are developing a game based on our IP called SMARAK!!!, you can read the comic here: http://bit.ly/smarak . The game will be available on Playstore shortly.

this game is developed with our sister studio: http://techdev.com